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There are many guests who have not yet tried the experience of staying in a tourist apartment. A relatively new concept and revolutionize him that until recently was associated with the summer season and that covers a wide range of alternative accommodation to the hotel world and that in many ways, will improve your experience as a traveler. We explain you why!

A tourist apartment makes you free: You have great freedom of schedules and full autonomy to cook your meals or work if necessary.

And you, where do you stay when you travel? We present the 8 reasons to book with Girorooms!

It gives you security: if you do not know your holiday destination it is normal to worry about what you will find on your arrival: Giroroms makes it easy for you, we prioritize contact with the client and in our images, blog, texts and social networks you can inform yourself of the area and what you can do in it. As an extra we can guarantee that you will always be close to restaurants, pharmacies, shopping centers and Wi-Fi connection networks.

A tourist apartment makes you free: You have great freedom of schedules and full autonomy to cook your meals or work if necessary. This fact is especially important when traveling with children. since an accommodation provides the warmth and intimacy of a home, napping, breastfeeding, cooking their menus and bottles, diaper changes, bathrooms ... everything is easier and more spacious, without counting the annoying noises you find in more spaces overcrowded The Girorooms apartments also have travel beds, high chairs, bathtubs for your children for a very reasonable price.

Staying in a tourist apartment is cheaper: a tourist apartment offers a lower price than a hotel and at the same time, it provides great freedom! Your meals do not depend on the opening hours of the establishment nor will you be obliged to pay for menus that do not offer what you like ... You will be the one who buys and cooks what you eat and this money saving can be re-invested in activities or other shopping ... or a dinner in that fantastic restaurant recommended for everyone! And if you come without a recommendation, do not worry, we will gladly guide you to discover it yourself!

A tourist apartment is more convenient and practical: If you come for a special event, such as a wedding, group trip, business trip ... meeting your schedule will be easier, you can iron your clothes without discomfort and prepare without haste. Needless to say, you can get up whenever you want and eat or work on the sofa if you feel like it.

Because the treatment of our staff is closer and I request: we work to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

We give away experiences! Staying in our tourist apartments you can book your guided tours and other complementary services such as transfers, breakfast at home, tickets to shows ...

And most important of all ... Staying in our apartments you will enjoy the most complete tourist experience: the old town of Girona encompasses most of our apartments and lofts in Girona, all equipped with free Wi-Fi. Check out which of our accommodations include free parking in the price. Or book your apartment or villa on the Costa Brava in sought-after areas such as Torre Valentina, Playa de Aro, S'Agaró ... Wake up with the sunrise and enjoy the best Mediterranean cuisine!

Because booking a holiday apartment online is a fast and safe process, which you can modify or change within the deadlines if you need it, contact us for any questions at

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