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Will I be late for check in, how do I do it?

Everything was going well, you already had the confirmed time to check in, but the plane or car has been delayed. From 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. there is an extra charge of 25 €. In this case we recommend you always contact us as quickly as possible for any of our contact channels or through the booking platform in your case, although the phone will always be faster and more effective: 972.818.799 to 694.420.693 - 694420692.

Do I have to pay any supplement or deposit with the reservation?

Yes. The base price of the reservation is the price for each night of apartment. In addition it will be necessary that you add two amounts:

- The cleaning supplement, which includes bedding for guests and two towels per person, the apartment is also delivered with the beds already assembled. This amount may vary depending on the size and distribution of the flat and is a one-off payment per stay, so now you no longer need to think about bringing towels, sheets or blankets.

- A deposit: an amount that will be charged to you upon arrival and will be returned to you upon departure, once the apartment has been checked and cleaned so that it can continue to enjoy guests like you!

Will I pay a tourist tax?

In fact, in the province of Girona Girorooms Travel tourist apartments currently have a tourist tax cost of one euro per person per night, up to a maximum of seven nights, and obligatory for over 16 years.

What is there to prepare for the check in day?

We want everything to go very well: days before arrival you will receive an informative email where you will be given contact telephone numbers, check in address, timetables and other information necessary to make the entry clearly and quickly. We will ask you to confirm your arrival time and how to act in case of delay or no communication.

On the day of entry you will need to complete the pending payment of your reservation, the deposit, the tourist tax, sign the reservation contract and provide us with your passport or identity document (as well as those of all guests) to be able to make the daily guest record.

It will also be the time to orientate you touristically on map and we will accompany you later in the apartment to make effective the review of the inventory and other data that may be useful and necessary for your stay.

Last but not least, you will be reminded of the time of departure and handing over of keys.

What free services does the reservation include?
The reservation includes free of charge the equipped kitchen, and heating or air conditioning if the apartment has.

Is it expensive to book a holiday apartment?

Staying in a tourist apartment is cheaper: Our prices are per person per night and although there is a supplement for cleaning, it also includes bed linen and towels.

I want to book, but how can I know the area where the apartment is?

Girorooms wants you to enjoy yourself: if you don't know your holiday destination, it's normal for you to worry about what you'll find when you arrive: Giroroms makes it easy for you, we prioritise contact with the client and in our images, blocks, texts and social networks you can find out about the area and what you can do there. As an extra, we can guarantee that you will always be close to restaurants, pharmacies and shopping centres.

What timetables should I follow when booking an apartment?

A tourist apartment makes you free: You have great freedom of timetables and full autonomy to cook your meals or work if necessary. This is especially important when travelling with children. We have a timetable for arrival and departure, as well as a timetable for late arrival and departure that you will be able to consult directly when making the reservation. For entrances to Playa de Aro and surroundings you can enter at no extra cost from 16h to 20h. However we remind you that for your well-being and that of the neighbours we ask you to comply with the regulations of the area and to avoid the noises and noises inside the apartment from 22h to 9h in the morning, so everyone will enjoy a healthier and more relaxed stay!

If you come for a special event, such as a wedding, group trip, business trip ... Meeting your schedule will be easier, you will be able to iron clothes without hassles and prepare without haste. It goes without saying that you can get up when you want and eat or work on the sofa if you feel like it.

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